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Our favourite footwear to style athleisure for any occasion

When you think athleisure, an image of casual sneakers probably pop to mind. Fair enough, too - they’re cute, ridiculously comfortable, and are all over Pinterest and Instagram right now. But if you’re serious about rocking the athleisure trend for all occasions, we reckon the following 5 shoes are the keys to any successful styling effort. Day, night, casual, dressy - these will have you covered.


The most obvious lace to start, but don’t be deceived… not all runners are alike and it takes a special pair to be worthy of an athleisure look. Keep them simple (you’ll get bored too quickly otherwise) and stick to the classics. We love Nike Free RNs for their minimalist approach. Black and white look fantastic with just about anything (including street wear) but if you’re a fan of colour, keep an eye out for solid pink, blue or acid green.


We love the classics. Between Converse Chuck Taylor Originals and Adidas Superstars (everyone’s favourite 3-stripe), you can’t go wrong. The rules have changed for sneakers meaning you can wear them with absolutely anything - dresses to pencil skirts, leggings to jeans - and look effortlessly stylish. If you’re new to the sneaker thing, definitely start with white, but you’ll soon find you want a pair in every colour. Best of all, they get better with age!


Flats, flatforms, slip-ons, slippers - whatever your preference, you need to get a pair of these in your life. The perfect way to add a street-style edge to your athleisure look and so easy to throw on when you’re in a rush, they’re a brilliant investment guaranteed to become a wardrobe favourite. While white leather is the easiest place to start, we also love animal print, metallics and woven fabrics.


Tip: Take the guesswork out of choosing by wearing your favourite athleisure outfit when going shoe shopping.

Ankle Boots

If you’re ready to take your athleisure wear to the streets, ankle boots are an easy (and comfortable!) way to dress your outfit up. Avoid cropped pants with these - leggings or dresses are your safest option - and be sure to add another streetwear item on top (denim or leather jackets are perfect) to balance the look out. For the sake of versatility, avoid hardware or other fussy details and stick to simple designs in black or taupe.


Yes, you read right: Heels. Not for the faint-hearted, stiletto pumps are a fun (and sexy!) way to shake up your outfit. To avoid looking like something out of an eighties film clip, stay away from leggings and stick to drop-crotch sweat pants (tapered and sitting just above your ankle). Add a motorcycle jacket over a cute cropped hoodie and pull your hair into a low pony for a look that oozes street-style cool.

Street style athleisure heels

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