May 13, 2017 2 min read

Where to look when you’re in need of some athleisure style inspo

We give celebrities all the credit for making the athleisure what it is today, forgetting that it’s often bloggers and Instagrammers who have been rocking trends way before they were even popular. Best of all, it’s these digital influencers who fully embrace the lifestyle that’s meant to go hand-in-hand with athleisure. Fit, healthy, happy and adventurous. Here are some we reckon you should follow for a nice mix of style (and lifestyle!) inspiration.

Lilian Dikmans < >

Judging by her bio, Lilian almost seems too good to be true… Model, blogger, ex-layer, Muay Thai fighter. But scroll her refreshingly authentic feed, and you’ll discover a girl who’s not only gorgeous but eats, sleeps and breathes healthy living. Oh, plus some seriously bad-ass pics of her in the Muay Thai ring. Hello, girl crush!


Cat Meffan < >

Whether you’re a yoga lover or not, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Cat’s gorgeous feed which is full of incredible pics of her doing yoga in amazing places. Most importantly, this girl knows how to rock her athleisure wear and will show you how to take it from class to the coffee shop and even the airport. 


Bianca Cheah-Chalmers < >

Qualified yogi and founder of lifestyle and wellness blog Sporteluxe(.com), Bianca’s feed is the perfect mix of stunning locations, yoga poses, effortlessly stylish athleisure, and candid shots. In fact, she’s basically the poster girl for clean living!


Leah Simmons < >

With a quick glance at Leah’s feed, it’s obvious that she’s the real deal. Fitness instructor, pilates teacher, and founder of “Body by Leah Simmons” - a blog covering everything from fitness to fashion, beauty to travel - it’s impossible not to be inspired her strength, energy… and ability to look stylish even when lifting crazy heavy weights!


Felicia & Diana (basebodybabes) < >

Last but definitely not least are the basebodybabes sisters from Sydney. As well as being ridiculously fit and stylish, they offer online fitness and nutrition programs for women everywhere and even opened up their own gorgeous PT studio in Sydney. Oh, and their IG feed is curated to perfection, full of outfit and nutrition info as well as some of the most gorgeous flat lays we’ve ever seen. Love them!


Feeling inspired?

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