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Ideas to get you off the couch and living (safely!) on the edge

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Feeling you’ve been playing things a bit safe lately and craving a bit of excitement in your life? We’ve compiled a list of activities guaranteed to get the heart pumping - and heaps of them can probably be done not too far from where you live! So… ready for an adrenaline rush?

1. Wakeboarding

If you love the water but want to take surfing or stand up paddle boarding to the next level, wakeboarding is where it’s at. Australia is full of wake parks that don't even require a boat, so you can just drop in whenever you feel like it. And if you’re okay with the cold, you can often find cheap season passes for the cooler months!

2. Sport Climbing

Also known as indoor rock climbing, sport climbing is the perfect activity to enjoy year-round. An incredible workout for your entire body, you can start with the easier climbs and work your way up to some Spiderman-inspired manoeuvres.

3. Go Kart Racing

Love motorsports but not quite prepared to get in a real race car? Go Karting is the perfect solution and fun whether you’re solo or with a group. Australia is full of indoor and outdoor tracks - just keep in mind that not all cars are the same, so if you want a real thrill check their website for details on the speed capabilities of their cars.

4. White Water Rafting

Not for the faint-hearted, white water rafting is an amazing way to experience Australia’s natural beauty (while possibly screaming!) For a taste-test, look for companies offering beginner-friendly packages that run for a few hours including a training session, or if you’re ready for a real adventure, you can give a few-day adventure a try!

5. Snowboarding

Obviously not one you can do anytime, anywhere, but definitely worth waiting (and travelling) for. Snowboarding offers a thrill (and “cool factor”) that skiing doesn’t quite provide, and as a bonus, is a crazy-tough workout. Whatever you do, be sure to book at LEAST a week the first time you try it as you’ll have to allow for some awkward first attempts as well as a lot of muscle soreness!

6. Hang-Gliding

If the thought of free-falling out of a plane gives you the cold sweats, hang-gliding might be a slightly less terrifying alternative. Yep, you still have the thrill of “falling” from the sky, but you can do it slower and with more grace - that is, if you’re going tandem with a pro! If you can handle heights, this is definitely one to try as you’ll get to experience the view in a way that’s impossible to do from a plane or even helicopter.

7. Ziplining

Never heard of ziplining? Imagine a rollercoaster, but you’re hanging from it, only attached by a harness. Yep, pretty awesome, and Australia has some amazing tracks including the longest rollercoaster (that means it’s full of twists and dips) zipline in the world! (PS That one’s in Sydney, but there are courses all over Australia)

Ready to get the heart pumping?

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