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Clearing up the confusion once and for all.


It’s official. The world is still going crazy over the athleisure trend. But to those of us who’ve always been into activewear, it can be a little tricky to figure out what the fuss is all about. I mean, they’re basically the same thing, right?
Remember this viral video from a couple of years ago? 


It laughs at women who wear activewear (aka gym clothes) all day every day, to do everything… except workout. Okay, it’s pretty funny. But it was no coincidence that females everywhere got into wearing activewear. It’s COMFORTABLE! And when you compare it to the ridiculous low-cut jeans we were wearing in 2002, can you blame us?


So activewear became a thing. Not really accepted by anyone who wasn’t into it, but definitely a trend. It was far from perfect, however. Comfort is great, but these outfits were EXACTLY the same as what we would wear to the gym. Sporty. Occasionally showing too much skin. And most importantly, not necessarily comfortable for all day use outside the gym. C’mon girls, sports bras are ridiculously tight!

Farewell, activewear. Hello, athleisure!

And since necessity is the mother of all invention, a new trend evolved. One that improved on the comfort level of the original, but took it a step further by fusing it with street wear styles and allowing for more freedom to put a unique spin on it. Lycra and jersey met denim and leather to create what we now know as athleisure. (cue hallelujah chorus)


Goodbye head-to-toe lycra, hello stylish but sporty ensembles. So stylish, in fact, that athleisure inspired collections are now seen on the runway. Yep, it’s kind of a big deal and it’s not going anywhere. Our advice? Embrace this new found comfort and find a way to style it your way. And if you need somewhere to start, you can check out our capsule collection here.

A leather jacket is the perfect addition to a sporty athleisure look.


An edgy accessory will immediately give athleisure pants street cred.

Athleisure Street Style


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