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When and where it’s appropriate - and how to pull it off.

Between Pinterest, Instagram and all of your favourite style magazines, it’s hard to miss the fact that the athleisure trend is stronger than ever. In fact, it’s finally become acceptable street wear, whether you’re on a date, running errands, or having a drink with the girls. But there’s an ongoing debate around where to draw the line and whether athleisure can be considered appropriate workwear. We obviously felt the need to share our thoughts on the matter!


Not all workplaces are the same

We’ll start with the most obvious point. The level of appropriateness is most dependent on where you work. If you work in a corporate job or simply have strict regulations around work attire, save your athleisure wardrobe for after hours and weekends (I know, I know - it’s a cruel world!) Even if you have the freedom to wear just about anything to work, it’s important to keep your customers, clients and workmates in mind, not wearing anything that may offend them or make them feel uncomfortable.
If you work in a creative field, however - whether it be photography, advertising, makeup artistry, fashion and retail… the list goes on - then it’s good news. There’s nothing to say you can’t start to incorporate the athleisure trend into your work attire, but the key to your success is all about keeping it professional. Don’t go so far with the trend that you look like you’re “dressing down” from your usual standards, and do make sure it still reflects your brand or business.


Making athleisure wear work-friendly

The best way to rock ANY trend is to wear it in moderation. Cover yourself in a trend from head to toe, and you’ll look like you’re just following the crowd and have no style of your own. Here are some ways you can start test-driving athleisure in the workplace… with minimal risk of receiving weird looks!



If you have a casual workplace that allows you to wear jeans or shorts, why not try a cute pair of sneakers or running shoes instead of ballet flats? You can’t go wrong with Adidas Superstars or Nike Free RNs. Just keep them clean and simple - black and white is foolproof -  and stay away from neon, multi-coloured pairs.


Tanks & Tees

Racerback tanks and simple tees (fitted or batwing) are another athleisure option that are super subtle, easy to style, and can be worn heaps of different ways. To dress them up, simply throw on a blazer or cashmere cardigan.



If you’re ready to push the trend further (and have a workplace that won’t mind), leggings are the next natural step. Plain and subtle or in a funky print, anything goes - as long as you’re wearing a long top to balance things out and keep them classy.


Athleisure at work


Pulling it all together

To really nail the athleisure look it’s a good idea to add contrasting pieces and fabrics that say “street wear” rather than “I’m on my way to the gym”. Some of our favourites include denim jackets, anything leather, smart blazers and funky accessories (bags, jewellery - even a pair of heels if you want to channel the runway). Putting extra effort into your hair helps too, since bed hair will add to the casual vibe of the outfit and might be misinterpreted as “I just rolled out of bed”. But most importantly… wear your outfit with confidence!


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