April 14, 2017

Styling The Athleisure Trend For All Occasions

Whether you were on board with the “activewear” trend back when it had everyone laughing, or all those shots of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid gave you outfit envy - it’s hard to ignore the fact that athleisure is taking over. But like any trend, there’s a fine line between chic and cheap - and the final product all comes down to the details. Here’s our advice on how to style your athleisure look - no matter the time or place - and guarantee an Instagram worthy outfit.

Athleisure for errands and casual activities

The simplest occasion to style your athleisure for are day-to-day activities that involve running around, grocery shopping or picking up the kids. Our formula for style success looks like this: 

  • Shoes: Converse or Adidas sneakers
  • Pants: Full length or cropped leggings      
  • Top: Oversized jersey tank or long-sleeve tee
  • Outerwear: Long cardigan or worn-in denim jacket
  • Accessories: Oversized tote, statement watch, simple stud earrings
  • Hair:Messy bun or low pony

Athleisure for coffee dates

For casual catch-ups with the girls at relaxed cafes or smoothie joints, you can have some fun with your outfit, mixing pieces from your regular wardrobe in with your favourite athleisure wear. Some of our favourite combos include:

Nike Free runners + denim shorts + baseball tee + baseball cap

Adidas superstars + leggings + racerback tank + leather jacket

Converse + 3/4 leggings + loose fit tee + denim jacket


STYLING TIP: Since you’re with the girls, feel free to experiment more with layering, accessories and makeup. Wearing tanks over tees is a cute way to channel the nineties, and to give your look some extra “wow” factor, throw on a bright lipstick.



Athleisure for real dates + movie nights

Now’s when it gets a little more challenging. Firstly because boys don't always understand the athleisure trend (sigh), but also because nighttime usually calls for a different dress code. In this case, we reckon “athleisure inspired” is the way to go, rather than taking the trend too literally. Here are some ways you can safely experiment with the athleisure trend without making your date think you came straight from the gym…
Replace your skinny jeans with leggings and wear a lightweight oversized sweater with long necklace. You can even add some heels to dress it up further, and put some effort into hair styling to really finish off the look.
For a cute tomboy style look, wear distressed denim jeans (cropped at the ankle), slouchy tee (partially tucked in), leather bomber jacket and sneakers. Pull your hair up into a high messy ponytail and add a flick of eyeliner (plus bright lipstick if you’re game) to give it some feminine charm.
Wear a flirty athleisure inspired dress (body skimming but not tight, and made of a light jersey fabric) and pair it with some white converse low tops. Hair can be out and wavy, then add a scarf and cute clutch to dress it all up.

Feeling inspired?

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and magazines are full of inspiration and the perfect way to experiment with looks that have already been road-tested, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it! Oh, and we realise we haven’t included work on this list - don’t worry, we didn’t forget - it just deserved its own article which you can find here. Good luck and happy athleisure-ing!

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