June 22, 2017

Are you constantly stuck in a diet related battle?

Firstly: No judgement. Most of us have been there (or are there half of the time!) We’re not here to point fingers or shame you for any failed attempts at dieting or extreme measures to achieve your goals. We are here to let you know that you don’t need to worry about that stuff anymore, however. There’s an easier way… and it doesn’t involve pain and suffering!

The problem with diets

We reckon we’d be hard-pressed to find a female in the western world who hasn’t tried dieting at least once in their life. I mean, we grew up being told that dieting (aka depriving yourself) was the way to lose weight, and watched women all around us suffering to fit into their skinny jeans or pre-baby clothes. But here’s the thing with diets. The whole point of them is that they’re temporary. We completely change our eating habits for days, weeks or maybe even months, then once we’ve reached that goal or attended that event, we go back to normal. (Well, that or we head straight to the supermarket to stock up on the chips, chocolate and ice cream we’d missed so badly.) And what happens when we do? We pile the weight straight back on. And thus begins the vicious cycle.
It’s actually a bit worse than you think (…sorry!) since what often happens during a diet is we lose muscle mass as well as fat, which slows down our metabolism in the long run making it harder to lose weight next time. So we're basically destroying our body’s natural weight-maintainer. Ouch! Oh, and what do you think happens to us mentally and emotionally when we label certain foods as “evil” or “naughty”? We want them even more! Are you getting the idea that dieting might not be the answer?

The real solution

  1. Forget about event-based goals. If you’re only trying to look good for an event, your motivation is about impressing others and therefore not about your wellbeing (which is where it needs to be!)


  1. Don’t set unrealistic timeframes. In fact, consider not setting any at all. Our bodies and lifestyles are all different, so what one person can achieve in 10 weeks might take someone else 10 months - and that’s fine. By setting firm deadlines, you’re at risk of setting yourself up for failure which can lead to disappointment, frustration… and often a binge session!


  1. Stop looking at the numbers. If all you care about are results, you’re going to suck the joy from the process. Believe it or not, exercise can actually be fun (yes, really!) but if you’re doing it out of obligation to burn X calories per session, every minute will be painful.


  1. Moderation not deprivation. Stop banning yourself from foods. It doesn’t work! Instead start being mindful about portion sizes and taking the time to enjoy your food so you’re less likely to inhale it while distracted (an easy way to overeat).


  1. Be nicer to yourself. Start complimenting yourself every time you walk past a mirror instead of picking on yourself. Why? Think about it this way. Are you more likely to take care of your friend or your enemy? Yep. We need to become our own bestie if we want any chance of looking after our bodies the way they deserve.

Progress over perfection

What we tend to forget is that progress is progress, no matter how slow. And doing one positive thing for yourself every day is SO much more effective than occasionally starving yourself or over-training. Small things = big results as long as they’re consistent. So stop worrying so much about calorie counting and daily weigh-ins and instead start looking after yourself and appreciating how lucky you are to have a body that moves and breathes!

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